We are organizing the next pitch ( 4th ) on June 2nd, Saturday. Similar to the earlier pitches this is a closed networking event and only about 5/6 startup teams would be selected for the session.

Hence all interested Entrepreneurs/ Startups/ Teams can get in touch.


We are organizing a Third ( 3rd ) pitch on March 26th, Monday and the time is 10 am. Similar to the earlier pitches this is a closed networking event and only 5/6 startup teams would be selected for the session.

Hence all interested Entrepreneurs/ Startups/ Teams can get in touch.

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone.

In continuation of my previous post we are organizing a second ( 2nd ) pitch on January 9th 2012, Monday and the time is 3 pm . This is a closed networking event and only 5/6 startup teams would be selected for the session.

The next pitching session after this Jan event is going to be early March ( probably 1st week of Mar ).

Hence all interested Entrepreneurs/ Startups/ Teams can get in touch.

For a while now we have been thinking about doing something about the lack of an Angel Network in Bangalore. Though both IAN & MA have representation here it really makes sense to have the decision making out of this place. There is no doubt that they are both doing a great service by supporting many startups & entrepreneurs. However I have always felt that for a country as big & as diverse as India we could do with many more Angel networks. Also since Bangalore is the undisputed Tech Hub where most of the startups gets started its only apt that an Angel network based in Bangalore gets going.

Towards that effort recently we had organized a pitching session in Bangalore for 7 startups who were looking for Angel Investments.  One of the startups was a US based startup too. There were some individual Angels & a couple of VC Funds & a small super Angel fund who not only wanted to be part of this new Angel Network but also were very encouraging & supportive of this whole new endeavor.  Also one of the Angel Investor was  a prolific Angel Investor from the US who has done some significant number of investments in India already. This particular pitching session was organized more as an Adhoc/ random session. However going forward we intend to formalize this activity &  the pitching session will be held once every bi-monthly or even once every month depending upon the traction.

Until now in India some of the best Technology startups have been happening in Bangalore. However the unfortunate thing was that so far there was no Angel Network/s based here to cater to their needs. So these startups had to reach out to networks which are not headquartered here. Since the decision making is elsewhere it would take a little more time for the startups to hear about their decisions post pitching. Also the Angel networks work well & are generally successful when the startups they support are in the neighborhood ( At least that is what the Angels normally prefer ).

This being the reason the whole intent of this new network is to be of assistance in a quicker & faster way to the early startups in this part of India. The intent is to provide a quick feedback to the startups so that they can focus on their work without the whole pitch being too much of a distraction. This network will be Headquartered & operational out of Bangalore.

So all the promising & interesting startups are encouraged to reach out to us.  We also Welcome & Encourage potential sponsors to reach out to us.

I intend doing Office Hours every week starting next week ( Nov week of 25th ’11 ) onwards. I have been doing it in an informal & Ad-hoc manner until now. However I would like to start doing it in a more formal manner going forward.

Any Entrepreneur or an Startup can touch base with me on any aspect of their business. They can schedule a call/ meet with me in person to talk on any aspect about their ideas/ BPs.

The proposed office hours will be held usually between 11am – 4pm every Friday.

Look forward to interacting with promising startups/ teams with innovative ideas.

I have been trying to raise a small VC Fund to start investing in start-ups for a while now.

I believe that I should start blogging my experience along the way as this will give a great insight to many others.

I have been getting advices/suggestions from some people who tell me that trying to raise a small VC Fund ( $6M ) is probably not the right thing as its way too small and potential LPs may not be interested to invest in such a small fund.

I know that any Fund which is less than $25M is not really feasible/viable as the management fee will be too small to run the Fund operations.

However I need to start investing in a small way ( initially $100K and then go upto $250K ) to develop a track record first, show a few good exits or demonstrate a good appreciation of the earlier investments by getting the portfolio companies to successfully raise a follow on rounds and then maybe do a slightly bigger fund raise ( $50M to $75M ) later. However I would like to stay around $100M fund size as I believe being small is the best way for VC Funds to be alert & to be on the toes.

Hence as a start, i’m looking at raising a small $6M Fund to start investing in $100K initially in early stage start-ups. My intent is to invest in interesting & promising teams which are building great products with a bit of traction in the Indo-US corridor.

In the meantime i’m Mentoring/Advising startups by being on their advisory boards. I’m investing my time & energy to provide strategic advice to them. I have got a few startups funded by Angel/s ( an informal Angel network ). I have also advised one of the startups in raising  their Series A investment. I have also invested my personal money in a few start-ups too. All these efforts are towards building a great network which will hopefully go a long way in furthering my intent of raising the VC Fund.

I will continue doing this going forward and will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to raise a small VC Fund.

Currently i’m single in this pursuit of mine and I look forward to like-minded people to partner with me on the fund creation.

I’m also looking for support from people who can add value in any form.

I recently attended a couple of startup events in Bangalore. I’m impressed by the amount of buzz the entrepreneurs and the startups are generating of late in India and more so in Bangalore.

In fact Dr.Naren Gupta of Nexus VP mentioned in his short speech that probably the quality of the startups/entrepreneurs in India is beginning to get much better than anywhere else that he has seen ( read it as  Silicon Valley ). This statement coming from him is a great compliment to the entrepreneurs here.

There are a few interesting startups that are coming up pretty well. I’m very positive that they will go on to make great companies in the future in their respective domains.

I’m tempted to name some of those startups in my post here. However its still not the right time to mention them and maybe would keep it for another post later.

Also the amount of interest that is generating in general from wannabe Angels, Angel groups ( East Angels ) , current Angels, Super Angels & VCs is at an all time high.

These are good signs that the Indian startup community is vibrant and is kicking well. The entrepreneurs are smart and know that they need to surround themselves with more smarter people.

There is a healthy competition that’s building up amongst the Investors ( for early stage startups ) which is in a way both good and bad. Its good as more startups will have opportunities to raise money and bad because hope the valuations doesn’t shoot up to unnatural levels.

All in all its nice to be based in Bangalore where there is a lot of action happening.

Disclosure : I’m an advisor to East Angels.