We ( Innovation Angels) are organizing the next pitch on Oct 10th, 2012, Wednesday. Similar to the earlier pitches this is a closed networking event and only about 6/7 startup teams would be selected for the session.

We have seen phenomenal responses to our earlier events. These events have helped a few interesting startups to get good advice/ suggestions which has helped them to a great extent.

In fact we have been getting requests to hold more of these events more frequently/ regularly.

The startups who will pitch in these events will get access to a great many Angels/ early stage VC’s who will be present for  evaluating them.

Every event of our’s has seen a bigger audience ( more investors looking for potential investments )

Hence all interested Entrepreneurs/ Startups/ Teams can please get in touch.


We are organizing a Third ( 3rd ) pitch on March 26th, Monday and the time is 10 am. Similar to the earlier pitches this is a closed networking event and only 5/6 startup teams would be selected for the session.

Hence all interested Entrepreneurs/ Startups/ Teams can get in touch.

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone.

In continuation of my previous post we are organizing a second ( 2nd ) pitch on January 9th 2012, Monday and the time is 3 pm . This is a closed networking event and only 5/6 startup teams would be selected for the session.

The next pitching session after this Jan event is going to be early March ( probably 1st week of Mar ).

Hence all interested Entrepreneurs/ Startups/ Teams can get in touch.

I have been trying to raise a small VC Fund to start investing in start-ups for a while now.

I believe that I should start blogging my experience along the way as this will give a great insight to many others.

I have been getting advices/suggestions from some people who tell me that trying to raise a small VC Fund ( $6M ) is probably not the right thing as its way too small and potential LPs may not be interested to invest in such a small fund.

I know that any Fund which is less than $25M is not really feasible/viable as the management fee will be too small to run the Fund operations.

However I need to start investing in a small way ( initially $100K and then go upto $250K ) to develop a track record first, show a few good exits or demonstrate a good appreciation of the earlier investments by getting the portfolio companies to successfully raise a follow on rounds and then maybe do a slightly bigger fund raise ( $50M to $75M ) later. However I would like to stay around $100M fund size as I believe being small is the best way for VC Funds to be alert & to be on the toes.

Hence as a start, i’m looking at raising a small $6M Fund to start investing in $100K initially in early stage start-ups. My intent is to invest in interesting & promising teams which are building great products with a bit of traction in the Indo-US corridor.

In the meantime i’m Mentoring/Advising startups by being on their advisory boards. I’m investing my time & energy to provide strategic advice to them. I have got a few startups funded by Angel/s ( an informal Angel network ). I have also advised one of the startups in raising  their Series A investment. I have also invested my personal money in a few start-ups too. All these efforts are towards building a great network which will hopefully go a long way in furthering my intent of raising the VC Fund.

I will continue doing this going forward and will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to raise a small VC Fund.

Currently i’m single in this pursuit of mine and I look forward to like-minded people to partner with me on the fund creation.

I’m also looking for support from people who can add value in any form.

Nothing of any substance was ever achieved without taking enough Risk in his/her life. If you wanna be an Achiever or better still, a Super Achiever you should have the capacity to take the necessary and calculated risks.

Ask any great personality in any walk of life and the prompt reply that you get is that he/she took enormous risk at some point in their lives. The uncanny ability to spot the the opportunities earlier than others and then the willingness to take that extra bit of an risk would what separate the ultimate champions from the has-beens.

Knowingly or unknowingly this would be the single most important character trait in all the great achievers. If anybody thinks that they would go anywhere without taking the necessary risks ain’t going nowhere. Playing extra safe (over protective) has not made any huge impact for anyone and neither would it in the future.

All discoveries/ inventions were a result of pushing oneself that little bit extra. When I say risk I obviously mean calculated risks and not just blind risks. The upside to one taking that extra bit of risk is infinite and hence that should offset any doubts one should have. At the same time the opportunity lost because of not taking the calculated risk is enormous too. There is something different in the people who can think out of the box and who can be creative. They are mostly unconventional in their methods and are always willing to stretch that bit more.

Hence I urge people to dream their dreams and go all out in order to make their dreams come true. Just go for it and you will be amazed by the support that you will get as you go along the way. Yes, there will always be people who will snigger at you but that shouldn’t stop you on your tracks. One should back his/her instincts and willing to go all the way. This is what separates the men from the boys.

Good Luck to everyone who have the guts to live their dreams.

Btw this is strictly my personal view.