Its been sometime since I last posted. Excuse me for the same. Hopefully from now I plan to engage my readers regularly.

I had recently been to what the organizers call as ” The Biggest Showcase of CleanTech Cos in India “. It was held in Hyderabad. I was really surprised by the sheer number of companies which had participated.

They were some good teams which showcased their ideas. Its really good to see so many of them competing/ participating from all over India. The objective was to pitch their plans to prospective investors.

They were some 25 companies which had participated. The event was organized by TiE Hyderabad in association with ISB & New Ventures India.

At this rate very soon we will see some good companies emerge out of India in the CleanTech area.

I also happened to visit ICRISAT in Hyderabad and was very happy to see their huge campus which is extremely well maintained.

All in all I really look forward to a Great Entrepreneurial New Year ahead.

Here’s Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas & a Very Prosperous New Year 2010.


The mission of ennovent is to promote entrepreneurs who advance innovations for sustainability at the base of the economic pyramid. Building on its broad expertise and leveraging its global network, ennovent discovers, incubates, finances and scales enterprises with innovations that catalyze fundamental change to sustainable development. ennovent is currently establishing a social venture fund, the Sustainable Enterprises Fund, to invest in innovations in energy, food, water, health and education for India’s poor.

They are running a global energy challenge in India and the world over and are on the lookout for the most promising energy solutions and are willing to invest $500K for the winning solution.

For more details please look up

Good Luck for all the participants.

There has been a lot of action that I have come across in the recent past in the CleanTech Area.

Many young entrepreneurs are coming up with interesting ideas and are creating innovative businesses. I see quite a few smart ideas being put into action by these entrepreneurs.

Its always nice to see people going after their dreams with enthusiasm and energy.

There has been a huge spurt of activity in the startup ecosystem in India and we will soon see companies doing well.

I urge aspiring entrepreneurs & first time entrepreneurs to go after their dreams and put their plans into motion.

I’m travelling a bit in the next couple of weeks to meet up with some interesting entrepreneurs. I will have more to report after i’m back.

We at TiE Bangalore CleanTech SIG are planning to start the Mentoring Program for the CleanTech companies shortly.

We would like to know the views/expectations of prospective recipients of this on what kind of mentoring they would like to receive.

We are open to suggestions from people.

Btw we are having an event on June 23rd from 6 p.m to 8 p.m at the TiE Bangalore office to discuss the same.  Initially there would be a talk on Mentoring by Rajiv Goswami of Shore Consulting for about 20-30 minutes.

We Welcome one and all for this event as this will be a platform for the Mentoring Program to take off soon.

We would like to incorporate the same as much as possible as the intent of this mentoring is to provide the right ecosystem so as to make the companies prosper.

Please get in touch with me with your thoughts.

Its been sometime since I last wrote. I have been quite busy of late and hence the long layoff.
I would take this opportunity to wish all a very happy & Properous new year 2009.
To start the new year i would like to invite you to two exciting events happening this week in Bangalore on business and climate change. Please forward on to your friends as they are free and open to all. The events are taking part during the Climate Solutions Road Tour and will have solar electric cars, solar bands, and exciting discussions on the greentech revolution.
Check out: (for the full tour)
1. Monday 5 January 10:00am-12:00: Senate Room, Bangalore University, Central College

“Climate Solutions and Business: The Way Forward”

The Climate Solutions Road Tour will join the Bangalore Management Association in an event focused on “Climate Solutions and Business: The Way Forward.” In an era of increasingly climate variability and growing impacts on businesses and organizations, everyone will need to understand the issues and how “climate solutions” can be a strategic opportunity for all organizations, including companies, NGOs, and universities.


2. Monday 5 January 6:00pm-8:30pm:  IIM Bangalore and TIE, CPP2

“Climate and Cleantech Entrepreneurship: Solar Music, Solar Electric Cars and Green Business  Ideas”

Performances by the Solar band, presentations by IYCN and cleantech entrepreneurs, and climate business visioning session for new entrepreneurs. Come explore and create new business ideas!
See you there!

A Solar Car Tour across India is being organized by IYCN (Indian Youth Climate Network) to showcase practical, spectacular Climate Solutions and share the voices of India with the World…The journey is planned starting from Chennai to Delhi via stops at Vellore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bhopal, Surat, Vadodra, Ahmedabad, Udaipur &  Jaipur.

The Climate Solutions Road Tour team will be camping/staying in Bangalore from January 3-8 2009 during its cross-country tour to highlight the solutions to climate change in India. During the Bangalore visit, the Road Tour team would like to attend an event to showcase and facilitate young cleantech entrepreneurs. Such an event would be organized jointly by TIE Bangalore, IIM Bangalore and IYCN (Indian Youth Climate Network).

It will include a Climate Business Ideas Competition (not full business plans) to encourage young entrepreneurs to articulate their ideas and a Climate Business Planning workshop to help the budding entrepreneurs develop the ideas into more structured business plans. Several local cleantech entrepreneurs showcasing their solutions and portraying their story from idea inception to the current implementation stage would be invited. At the same time these entrepreneurs would discuss the common themes emerging from the Climate Business Ideas that had been submitted earlier  through a short lecture series. Informal sessions would be organized where in people can receive feedback about their ideas from the entrepreneurs and cleantech experts would also take place.

The event is planned to finish within half a day.

Look out for more info on the same soon.

Green/CleanTech enthusiasts of Bangalore can now associate themselves with CleanTech SIG. TiE Bangalore Chapter has initiated this and the purpose of this is to bring the best industry experts, investors, academicians, etc., from different areas like energy storage, generation, efficiency, water, air , materials and waste management.

The Goals of this Charter are :

  • To establish an ecosystem which promotes ideas and action on clean tech,
  • To provide an forum for learning and exchanging ideas and information,
  • Facilitate Networking and Mentoring amongst the members, &
  • to Motivate, Move and Inspire each other.

Various Focus Groups have been formed with participation from Volunteer coordinators like Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency & Management, Clean Water, e-Waste Management, Emissions,Transportation,Green Buildings,Policy & Industry University Interaction.

We encourage more and more people to participate in this endeavor going forward in order to propel the various activities forward.

One of the criteria to be a member of this group is that they should be members of TiE Bangalore Chapter.

With Climate change and global warming becoming the focal point in all the global forums and for nations worldwide , clean & green technology is hogging all the limelight. Its a level playing field for people who want to make a difference to the world that we live in. Also since its a nascent industry there is a lot of work that needs to be done as yet. Because of the enormity of the problem there is abundant opportunities and possibilities in this industry, it makes perfect sense for existing and the wannabe entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of activities that’s been planned and discussed in order to showcase the intent and the purpose of this community.

Look for more updates on whats happening in the CleanTech SIG Community.

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