For our new fund Fund II, we are looking for potential Series A & Series B deals. Our focus will be more on these stages of startups. We will do only exceptional late seeds & some early Series A deals.

Because our new fund is $150m we would like to look at companies whose product/ market fit is already found & are looking at accelerating the growth rates.

Hope to hear from folks at the above mentioned stages.




Hi All,

We @ Orios are looking to invest in a few more potential Series A Startups & hence we welcome the Entrepreneurs/ Startups to reach out to me/us.

Having already done a few Series A investments we are hungry for more potential good Series A investments.

Any Tech consumer & SaaS startups which have raised angel/ seed investments earlier & are looking to explore raising their Series A should get in touch with me/us.

Startups which are early in their early Series A journey should/ can get in touch too.

Look forward to hearing from you folks soon.



We @Orios Venture Partners have been meeting some very interesting/ promising startups since the last few months. Though some of them are at very early stages ( some just started ) we like the team, the opportunity they are going after, the potential market size, their quick learn-ability skills etc .,

We have taken some quick decisions to back a few of them & are excited about their prospects in the near/medium/long term progress.

We are bullish on the Tech B2C & SaaS Prod cos which are going after the global market.

We Welcome young startups to reach out & to have a chat with us.

Here’s Wishing you all a very Happy, Exciting & Prosperous New Year 2015.



I’m writing this post after a pretty long time. Wanted to update on my new role/ position.

I’m a key member of an early stage VC Fund. Its an exciting time both for me & as well as the fund as we are on a new journey together. We both share a long time view & there’s considerable synergy in our thought processes. You will soon hear more about the fund soon.

We intend to create potential home-runs while investing in our portfolio companies.

We are looking at Enterprise Software Prod companies which has the potential to go global & Consumer Internet companies which are Tech focused. Request any Startups in this space to please get in touch with me.

Will update on further developments.


Qualcomm Ventures, has kicked off its QPrize™ 2014 international seed investment competition. The goal of the contest is to identify and fund the industry’s next promising, early stage tech companies. The QPrize competition is open to entrepreneurs across China, Europe, India, Israel, Korea, Latin America and North America. One finalist from each region will be awarded US$100,000 in convertible note financing from Qualcomm as seed funding and will be invited to compete against other regional finalists in the QPrize Grand Finals competition. The Grand Finals winner will receive an additional US$150,000 of convertible note funding to help transform the company’s innovative business plan into reality.

“As a leading industry enabler, Qualcomm is committed to fueling innovation and driving cutting-edge technologies into the entire wireless ecosystem,” said Nagraj Kashyap, senior vice president of Qualcomm Ventures. “The QPrize competition allows us to take a look at very early stage companies in key regions throughout the world and fund the next wave of up and coming innovators. Last year’s entrants redefined the capabilities of mobile technology, which was showcased when the Grand Finals winner, iOnRoad, was acquired less than 30 days after the Grand Finals. QPrize acts as an important validation point for many of these startups, and we look forward to fostering the development and leveraging the QPrize brand to further raise awareness of these breakthrough technologies.”

The deadline to submit business plans is April 18, 2014. From the pool of competing entries, Qualcomm Ventures will select up to eight finalists from each of the seven regions. Finalists will attend a regional competition where each company will be evaluated by a panel of experts based on the merits of the technology innovation, its market potential, the company’s management capabilities and the attainability of the proposal’s financial projections.

The Qualcomm Ventures QPrize competition is now open. To get additional details, including background information on past winners, rules and regulations, submission guidelines, or to submit your business plan go towww.qprize.com.

Its a great opportunity for Tech Entrepreneurs ( especially in the mobile space ) to take part in this competition.

Happy New Year 2013 to all.

We at the Innovation Angels group are organizing the next pitch on Jan 30th, 2013, Wednesday. The event starts at 10:30 am & goes on till 1:30 pm.  As usual this is a closed networking event and only about 6/7 startup teams would be selected for the session.

We have seen good response to our earlier events.

Hence all interested Entrepreneurs/ Startups/ Teams can please get in touch.


For a while now we have been thinking about doing something about the lack of an Angel Network in Bangalore. Though both IAN & MA have representation here it really makes sense to have the decision making out of this place. There is no doubt that they are both doing a great service by supporting many startups & entrepreneurs. However I have always felt that for a country as big & as diverse as India we could do with many more Angel networks. Also since Bangalore is the undisputed Tech Hub where most of the startups gets started its only apt that an Angel network based in Bangalore gets going.

Towards that effort recently we had organized a pitching session in Bangalore for 7 startups who were looking for Angel Investments.  One of the startups was a US based startup too. There were some individual Angels & a couple of VC Funds & a small super Angel fund who not only wanted to be part of this new Angel Network but also were very encouraging & supportive of this whole new endeavor.  Also one of the Angel Investor was  a prolific Angel Investor from the US who has done some significant number of investments in India already. This particular pitching session was organized more as an Adhoc/ random session. However going forward we intend to formalize this activity &  the pitching session will be held once every bi-monthly or even once every month depending upon the traction.

Until now in India some of the best Technology startups have been happening in Bangalore. However the unfortunate thing was that so far there was no Angel Network/s based here to cater to their needs. So these startups had to reach out to networks which are not headquartered here. Since the decision making is elsewhere it would take a little more time for the startups to hear about their decisions post pitching. Also the Angel networks work well & are generally successful when the startups they support are in the neighborhood ( At least that is what the Angels normally prefer ).

This being the reason the whole intent of this new network is to be of assistance in a quicker & faster way to the early startups in this part of India. The intent is to provide a quick feedback to the startups so that they can focus on their work without the whole pitch being too much of a distraction. This network will be Headquartered & operational out of Bangalore.

So all the promising & interesting startups are encouraged to reach out to us.  We also Welcome & Encourage potential sponsors to reach out to us.

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