I’m Venugopal Sathyanarayana , currently a Partner with CKCIC ( Cheung Kong China International Capital ).

CKCIC is a boutique investment bank primarily serving the US, Indian and Israeli companies to match strategical and financial investors based in Greater China Area and other Asian major markets. We have an extensive network of Asian companies, private equity firms, financial conglomerates and HNWIs, which provides our clients a global platform that connects them to strategic and financial Asian partners.

Earlier I was a VC with Qualcomm Ventures.

Possess more than 10+ years of Tech investing experience.

Previously was a Venture Partner/ Vice President with Orios Venture Partners which is an early stage VC Fund in India.

Prior to this was Vice President of Indian Angel Network ( IAN ) which is India’s first and the world’s largest global angel investor network’s. IAN invested upto $1M in startups, though the sweet spot is between US$ 400 to 600K.

Earlier to joining Indian Angel Network, I was an Advisor to Qualcomm Ventures, India.

I was the Founder & CEO of Vengo Ventures for 8 years. During this period I was a key founding Principal of a Couple of VC Funds which we could never launch. I also tried raising a Micro VC Fund too.

Also I was the Co-Chair of TiE Bangalore CleanTech SIG ( Special Interest Group ) for 3 years.

Possess an overall of more than 26+ years of experience.

I have been actively investing, providing Mentoring/ Investment/ Advisory Services to startups since the last 10 + years.

I’m a serial entrepreneur myself. Vengo Ventures was my startup to focus on the investment space. I had started a consulting and software services company in the 2nd half of the  90’s which later became a Product company. Subsequently I had also started a couple of product companies too.

Prior to Vengo Ventures I possess a distinguished IT industry experience of 15+ years ( overall 26+ years ) which includes leadership roles in senior management, strategic planning, operations, client services, project management and IT Technology solutions development. I was Director – Engineering with Aricent. I have earlier worked with Wipro, Eftia OSS Solutions, Etc., in senior executive positions.

My passion is to evangelize entrepreneurship.

I love Cycling ( Biking ), Trekking , travelling , chess, music & adventure sports. I have been doing a lot of Biking during weekends. I’m based out of Bangalore.


16 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Poornima Says:

    Mr Venu,

    Your web site is good , but it requires to be better. Add more interesting things. ok


  2. Sridhar Says:

    Hi Mr.Venugopal,

    I wish to get in touch with you.


    1. vengo Says:

      Pls feel free to get in touch with me.

      My contact details are venugopal.sathya@gmail.com & + 91 98458 91977



  3. sumigupta Says:

    We are manufacturers of Eco friendly Jute Folders. Could you please suggest on the ways we could market these to the corporates and IT Companies?

  4. Dear Dr Venugopal

    Saw your profile through LINKED IN Group on GLOBAL ENERGY AND POWER and thought to write to you about our work in establishing a national network of HABITAT ENERGY PARKs and our target is about 4500 odd GAUSHALAs in the country through our not-for-profit consulting outfit named HABITAT CONSULTING GROUP or HcG, as it is abbreviated.

    The whole effort is through a ROAD-MAP presented by me at Animal Welfare Board of India on 21 June, 2008 at its 103rd Executive Committee Meeting held in Delhi (I was invited to speak on the basis of my four set of Policy Perspective Papers on ’empowerment and reforms’ in the Gaushalas in India. On the basis of the deliberation, a National Seminar on GAUSHALA AS NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AGENCY is being organised at Delhi on 2nd October, 2008.

    I am inviting your group in development of this ‘consulting exercise’ for the benefit of all the Gaushalas and also to the benefit of the environment and also for the interests of Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy.

    HcG is already in the process of creating HABITAT ENERGY PARK CONSORTIUM for providing ‘turnkey solutions’ to the ‘HABITAT ENERGY PARKS’ for various GAUSHALAs in the country.

    You shall be sent the relevant details of the Seminar at your e-mail address as well as we would be happy to concentrate on various ways we together can provide consultancy for formation of the CONSORTIUM and then, getting it make strongly functional for the benefit of all concerned.

    Dr Jagveer Rawat

  5. Nagesh Says:

    hi Venu

    You’re born creative, I know you’re putting all the raw materials that needs to be there for success..

    wish you all success in this new Venture.


  6. Savitha Says:

    Nice meeting you….

  7. vimali swamy Says:

    Hello Venu

    I’m Vimali Swamy, Sr. Correspondent from siliconindia. I would like to connect to you.

    Kindly let me know how i can reach you.


  8. vimali swamy Says:

    Hello Venu

    I’m Vimali Swamy, Sr. Correspondent from siliconindia. I would like to connect to you.

    Kindly let me know how i can reach you.

    Vimali Swamy

  9. Manju Says:

    Hi Venu

    Chanced into this webpage through LinkedIn. Congratulations. Finally, Vengo ventures clicked. Happy for you. All the best. Lets try catching up sometime.


  10. jagadish.n.s Says:

    hai venu nimge yella yeshassu keerthi sigali yendu nav aaa bagavantananna kelkolthivi

  11. Praveen KN Says:

    Hi Venu,

    Your blog looks good. Let’s meet and catchup some time.


  12. Joshi Says:

    Your site is excellent. Very nice to see you virtually!.


    1. vengo Says:

      Hi Purushotham,

      Its been a while since we last spoke.

      You should visit us with your family this weekend.



  13. Girish Says:

    Sir keen to reach out to you, let me know if there is a possibility.


    1. vengo Says:

      Hi Girish,

      Get in touch with me on venugopal.sathya@gmail.com



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