January 2015

Hi All,

We @ Orios are looking to invest in a few more potential Series A Startups & hence we welcome the Entrepreneurs/ Startups to reach out to me/us.

Having already done a few Series A investments we are hungry for more potential good Series A investments.

Any Tech consumer & SaaS startups which have raised angel/ seed investments earlier & are looking to explore raising their Series A should get in touch with me/us.

Startups which are early in their early Series A journey should/ can get in touch too.

Look forward to hearing from you folks soon.




We @Orios Venture Partners have been meeting some very interesting/ promising startups since the last few months. Though some of them are at very early stages ( some just started ) we like the team, the opportunity they are going after, the potential market size, their quick learn-ability skills etc .,

We have taken some quick decisions to back a few of them & are excited about their prospects in the near/medium/long term progress.

We are bullish on the Tech B2C & SaaS Prod cos which are going after the global market.

We Welcome young startups to reach out & to have a chat with us.

Here’s Wishing you all a very Happy, Exciting & Prosperous New Year 2015.