I recently attended a couple of startup events in Bangalore. I’m impressed by the amount of buzz the entrepreneurs and the startups are generating of late in India and more so in Bangalore.

In fact Dr.Naren Gupta of Nexus VP mentioned in his short speech that probably the quality of the startups/entrepreneurs in India is beginning to get much better than anywhere else that he has seen ( read it as  Silicon Valley ). This statement coming from him is a great compliment to the entrepreneurs here.

There are a few interesting startups that are coming up pretty well. I’m very positive that they will go on to make great companies in the future in their respective domains.

I’m tempted to name some of those startups in my post here. However its still not the right time to mention them and maybe would keep it for another post later.

Also the amount of interest that is generating in general from wannabe Angels, Angel groups ( East Angels ) , current Angels, Super Angels & VCs is at an all time high.

These are good signs that the Indian startup community is vibrant and is kicking well. The entrepreneurs are smart and know that they need to surround themselves with more smarter people.

There is a healthy competition that’s building up amongst the Investors ( for early stage startups ) which is in a way both good and bad. Its good as more startups will have opportunities to raise money and bad because hope the valuations doesn’t shoot up to unnatural levels.

All in all its nice to be based in Bangalore where there is a lot of action happening.

Disclosure : I’m an advisor to East Angels.