I have been guilty of not being a frequent blogger for sometime now.

The reason was that they were some interesting developments that were happening at my end. Hence wanted to wait until the developments took proper shape.

Its now culminating into a nice thing. I hope to blog about the new development very soon.

In the last many weeks I have been meeting with many entrepreneurs in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore and i’m very pleased with the kind of attempts being made by them.

Various business ideas with different revenue models have all been explored by these entrepreneurs. Also they are more willing to listen and take suggestion from other seniors in the Industry.

Its also heartening to see the amount of interest in setting up of many small VC Funds ( Super Angel Funds ) in the range of $20 – $30M fund sizes.

This bodes well for the start-up community as it will help the capital efficient and smart teams to execute well without being worried about the money that is to be raised in the early phases.

Btw I see a lot of interest amongst the investor community to participate in the Indian Tech Venture as LPs too.

Hopefully in the next 3 – 4 years we will be able to see some really good exits which in turn will bring in more guys ( both entrepreneurs & Investors ) into the start-up ecosystem.

All in all this is an interesting time for both the entrepreneurs and the new early stage VCs that are being set up in India now.