I’m happy to announce that Vengo Ventures is looking to raise a $6M Seed Fund to start investing in the early stage start-ups in India.

There is already an Anchor investor who has come on board and who has committed to invest upto 10-15% of the total fund size. The anchor investor has considerable experience in investments and is a senior executive in the VC circles in India.  The initial ground work on the Fund has started and talks are already on with quite a few potential marquee investors ( read LP’s ) to come on board the fund.

The purpose of the fund would be to invest anywhere from $25K upto $100K in start-ups which will have a clear differentiator in the form of an IP. The maximum the fund would invest in the entire lifecycle of the start-up would be $250K.

The focus will be on Start-ups that have a strong team/entrepreneur , which can be capital efficient ( Lean Start-up culture ), an business idea which has a clear path to revenues. Such start-ups can get in touch with me. We believe in being active investors and like to work closely with our portfolio companies in the initial days of the company.

Of the $6M fund $4M is earmarked for the primary seed investments and the remaining $2M will be set aside for follow-on investments into the portfolio companies .

There is considerable interest amongst potential investors and am getting good inquiries from various quarters about the same.

Also if there are any potential investors who are interested to invest in the fund, they can write to me.

I will have more information to provide as regards the fund soon.