The last few weeks have given me a better insight into whats needed for the creation of a better ecosystem for start-ups in India.  I have been interacting with lots of people both in the entrepreneurial and the investment community and what transpires is that we need a few early stage Angel/Seed funds in India.

The investment of 50-100K is most important to very early stage start-ups along with good Mentoring. Hence going forward I intend to focus my efforts towards this endeavor. I’m currently looking to raise a small Seed Fund which would be utilized to invest in promising early stage start-ups which possess a clear differentiator in the form of an IP.  I will leverage my unique experience and relationships in order to get them to the next level of growth.

In fact there is a good enough deal flow and the quality of the start-ups are definitely of the highest order. In fact they are getting better by the day. There is also a good amount of interest amongst a lot of HNI’s, experienced and senior executives in the Industry, successful entrepreneurs , etc., to looking at investing in exciting technology start-ups.

These days a few senior industry executives have told me that they are interested to look at such investment opportunities. A few of my contacts in the US, Middle East, Far East and Europe have expressed similar interests too. There is definitely a growing appetite to look at a different asset class for investments. Since I have been Mentoring a few start-ups since quite sometime I will be the focal point of contact and will channelize all my energies towards the creation of this small Angel/Seed Fund.

To begin with I will start with a couple of investments in promising start-ups and will probably stretch it to a maximum of 3 to 4 early stage companies over a period of time. I would like to check out how this pans out over time and what kind of an impact it creates. Depending on that I can then plan and execute how that model can be scaled up further.

People who are interested to check out what i’m upto and how they would like to involve/ contribute are Welcome to get in touch with me.

I look forward to this exciting journey of mine and will have more info to share after sometime.