For the last three to four weeks i’m coming across some smart guys who have some of the brightest ideas in India. It amazing to see so much of energy and passion among young people who want to be different by starting their own ventures. I believe if the right support structure is created we will see a lot of companies getting started.

The likes of Y Combinator, TechStars, Launchbox Digital, etc., are doing a great job in the US. Many interesting start-ups coming out of these have been successful either in getting acquired or by getting a follow-on funding.

Its time for similar things to happen (the start-up ecosystem to get better) in India. I believe there is a lot of scope & room for many Start-up accelerators to start providing such services here. The entrepreneurs need some sort of assistance that will help their ventures to accelerate to the next stage of growth.  Mentors need to be part of such groups to make these start-ups be more successful.

India needs such Micro VC Funds or Start-up accelerators. They help in the creation of  innovative companies and hence inspiring people to start taking calculated risks.  They are contributing a lot to the start-up ecosystem.

Hopefully you will get to hear more about such start-up accelerators doing their bit in India. I will keep you posted on some interesting developments in this space soon.