Andrew Conru the Founder/CEO of the Friend Finder Networks (He has since Sold Friend Finder Networks to PMGI for $500 million in late 2007) was in Bangalore for more than a weeks time.  He met with a lot of Startup teams, VC’s and CEO’s of various companies.

He provided valuable feedback to very early stage startup teams and had a good interactive sessions with them. His primary interest was to feel the pulse of the startup community in India and see for himself if there are any interesting companies where he can potentially invest as an Angel.  He is interested in Internet and other high-tech investment opportunities as well as advisory board positions.

This is his first visit to India and hence is looking at doing both business & Travel. From Bangalore he visited Chennai for more meetings. He will travel further south visiting Pondicherry, Kovalam and Mysore and will circle back to Bangalore. In Bangalore he will spend another week or so before he leaves back to US via Goa.

My personal interactions with him while he was here was memorable. We had a good time together talking about various issues on incubation, entrepreneurship, investing & such other topics.

He is always on the search/look out for the Next Big Idea and brings a whole new (different) perspective to issues on hand. He sees opportunities everywhere e.g.,while sitting in a restaurant waiting for someone to meet, sipping coffee at a CCD/Barista coffee shop, while travelling in a car with me driving in the busy streets of Bangalore etc.,.

He has lots of energy for someone who has made it very BIG already. He could might as well relax and chill out for the rest of his life. However he is anything but that. That to me is a pleasant shock & a very surprising aspect of Andrew. Added to that he is a very down to earth person & humble to the core & in fact possesses a wicked sense of humour as well.

I’m looking forward to his return to Bangalore in a couple of weeks time from now.