The Consumers up until now had no role to play in the creation of products/ services , except investing at the end of cycle i.e., in making purchases.  How would it be if the consumer had a choice in the creation of the products/services that he wants and has a say in the quality and the pricing of the same.  Wouldn’t it be great if the voice of the consumer is heard and enough weightage is given to his views. In the bargain there would be the value creation of a higher order through reduction in the cost of the products/ services.

The roles of the consumer itself is getting redrawn from that of a consumer activism to consumer accountability. In other words the consumer has the option of creating choice and affordability through co-creation. That happens through active participation and detailed understanding of their needs.

Consupreneurism is the way forward in the creation of a Democratic Capitalism which is the economic state where people (read  consumers) invest in the businesses of the future , based on their consumption preferences, needs and understanding. This signifies creation of hundreds of jobs, collective wealth creation at the grassroots and reorients the product/service lifecycle where a ready customer base is available even before the products are created.

There is a social angle to all this as well as they can take ownership and pride in the creation of jobs, creation of responsible and innovative products etc.,

This is a whole new paradigm and please look out for more information in this space soon.