Its been sometime since I last posted.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me.  Not that i’m complaining but instead enjoying the same.

As for what I want to write now, I think the business rebound is  going to happen shortly and in fact its already on as I write this post. The clouds are moving over and some companies are already coming out into the sunshine. They are taking advantage of the opportunities present and are cornering a big market share and building up a good lead over their competitors.

However it will be sometime before the sentiments change among the common people.

Btw what this downturn has done is that it has presented more opportunities to India.  This is a real boon for India. Many more opportunities come our way and more outsourcing is going to happen to India.

Lets hope many Indian companies take advantage of this.

One other thing is that slowdowns present wonderful opportunities for Entrepreneurs and hence the enterprising ones should welcome such slowdowns going forward.