The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the sale of Merrill Lynch has totally left many shellshocked. The many reasons that’s put forth for the US financial meltdown can be summarized in one word: Greed.

Though in the short term it may look like it has impacted the Indian markets, actually in the long run its going to bring substantial benefits to the Indian scenario. In times like these the Indian companies which are aggressive and smarter can take market share & advantage over its rivals. Every big fall in the markets brings with it a huge opportunity that can catapult companies which are well prepared in the emerging markets to take a bigger pie of the market share.

After a few months/quarters, there will be a bigger rush to either expand the already existing Indian operations or setup new Indian subsidiaries. In the IT market there is going to be more outsourcing than ever in the BFSI space. The current captive centres will be ramped up in order to accommodate their global operations.

This in turn means more and more jobs will be created in India in various sectors. The companies in the west will be driven to be more creative in running their business and hence more and more outsourcing will have to happen. Until now only big companies and a few mid sized ones were using the Indian advantage. However going forward even the smaller ones will start doing that and that will create a huge fillip in the jobs in India.

All companies regardless of their size will have to start acting like start ups in order to do well.

Hence I foresee a greater opportunity to the entrepreneurs & companies in India. We will have an unfair advantage by default and that should be well leveraged. Of course for all these things to happen it would take anywhere from 18 to 24 months from now. That gives us ample time to be well prepared for the good times thats going to come.

That should create optimism for all the entrepreneurs here who are always on the look out for the next big thing.