Whenever people ask me as to what they should be getting into in their careers, they are too surprised as they find my answers to be not consistent with what others normally would say. They would be expecting me to tell them that a career in Software/BPO/KPO is a good option for their careers. However to their astonishment they would hear me tell them to get into things like CleanTech, Micro Finance or better still entrepreneurship.

Its my belief that all the 3 things I have mentioned above are what I believe will be the next big things. In fact they are good career options that one should consider very seriously. Its not for nothing that i’m advocating these areas as I expect the coming years to be very fruitful for people getting into these spaces.

What we have seen in the internet era so far is nothing to what we are going to see in the CleanTech field. There’s umpteen number of opportunities in any of the three areas and very soon we are going to see blockbuster of companies getting created out of India.

So watch out for this field in the months ahead…