Nothing of any substance was ever achieved without taking enough Risk in his/her life. If you wanna be an Achiever or better still, a Super Achiever you should have the capacity to take the necessary and calculated risks.

Ask any great personality in any walk of life and the prompt reply that you get is that he/she took enormous risk at some point in their lives. The uncanny ability to spot the the opportunities earlier than others and then the willingness to take that extra bit of an risk would what separate the ultimate champions from the has-beens.

Knowingly or unknowingly this would be the single most important character trait in all the great achievers. If anybody thinks that they would go anywhere without taking the necessary risks ain’t going nowhere. Playing extra safe (over protective) has not made any huge impact for anyone and neither would it in the future.

All discoveries/ inventions were a result of pushing oneself that little bit extra. When I say risk I obviously mean calculated risks and not just blind risks. The upside to one taking that extra bit of risk is infinite and hence that should offset any doubts one should have. At the same time the opportunity lost because of not taking the calculated risk is enormous too. There is something different in the people who can think out of the box and who can be creative. They are mostly unconventional in their methods and are always willing to stretch that bit more.

Hence I urge people to dream their dreams and go all out in order to make their dreams come true. Just go for it and you will be amazed by the support that you will get as you go along the way. Yes, there will always be people who will snigger at you but that shouldn’t stop you on your tracks. One should back his/her instincts and willing to go all the way. This is what separates the men from the boys.

Good Luck to everyone who have the guts to live their dreams.

Btw this is strictly my personal view.