Inflation seems to be going up & up every week and at this rate its going to affect consumers/people at all levels regardless of which strata they belong to. The rates of the food prices, fuel, FMCG, Construction materials, etc., have all risen by more than 40% to 60 % and this is surely a big worrying factor for all concerned.

The prices have risen in the last 4 to 5 months and something drastic have to be done by the government.The amount of increase in some cases is really appalling and there seems to be no logical reason as to why it should be so. There is something more than what meets the common eye. There is definitely some cartelization here and this needs to be addressed by the government and the corporates alike.

Everyone talks about the existence of cartels including the media from time to time. However nobody seems to be taking things with the amount of seriousness that it deserves. At the rate the building material prices are shooting up what can individuals especially the common man really do/ aspire for. Its becoming very difficult for even the higher middle class people to aspire for their so called “dream houses” (a decent one). A few can probably pay the prices but not everyone can do that. What happens to people who are not working in the IT/ITEs industry ?

Its not as though people from all sectors can pay those kind of prices. Just because one pays doesn’t mean to say that everyone should pay similar rates. The gov seesm to be ineffective in arresting the sharp increase in prices. The people in the gov seem to be oblivious of whats going on as they seldom know what the reality is as they don’t have to go through what we mortals face.

I shudder to think whats gonna happen in the near future. Is there any solution to all of these…

I request people to suggest what needs and can be done so as to arrest the sharp increase in the prices.